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_sparking curiosity

We founded REALITY IS__ in 2021 to create projects that spark curiosity through storytelling and engagement in physical spaces, seeking to create lasting memories for our audiences.


A collaborative approach based on four pillars: research, multimedia, scenography, and interactivity, allows us to design and produce installations and immersive environments that bring bright ideas to life. 


Based in Milan and London.


Carola Migliore

Creative Founder & Architect 




Miles Wagner

Creative Founder & Designer

Reality is__ Founders | Carola Migliore & Miles Wagner


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REALITY IS__a strange name?

The design industry can get wrapped up in Fugazi...

Tired of too much talking and not enough walking, we wanted a name that reinforced our love of creating things that are REAL, things that exist, spaces that we can interact with, and experiences that provoke REAL emotional reactions.


REALITY IS__ left open-ended, ready for collaboration, and serving as the start of something…

REALITY IS__ always building…


Reality Is__ Logo
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